You can do pictures request here.

The normal one, not edited!

Be specific when you do request.
Example : Hyun Bin at W Korea Magazine March 2011.
If you dont know the month issue it’s OK as long as it is still specific. I dunno what you want if you just write “Hyun Bin HQ Pictures”.

And please don’t ask stalker/twitter pictures/candid/event picture.
For event pictures, please go to specific artist’s fan page.

Thank you!
Feel free to request (:

  1. mattias says:

    boleh saya merequest pictures yg berkacamata? kalau bisa yg kawai & nerd style 😀

  2. Toushiro hyun uzumaki says:

    boleh minta picture ss501 sedang beraktivitas selain bernyanyi dan main film ??
    Dan super junior yg di kerjakan di waktu luang ??

  3. ledy abad says:

    can yOu aDd more photos of goo hye sun and song hye gyo???


    i am studyiNg in ItaLy..but i caMe from tHe phiLiPpines..

    thank you..^_^

  4. gita says:

    annyeong ^^
    onnie ^^ aku mo req.foto-foto
    artis di idol sports day..
    artis sapa aja terserah..yang jelas di idol sports day.. gomawoseumnida ^^

  5. Vivid says:

    mw foto ny SHINee ny dunkkzzz….. 🙂

  6. shineeblue says:

    saya mau request scan foto b2st di calender 2011
    thanks before

  7. YB says:

    B2ST di majalah Junior edisi april 2011!!!!

  8. halo chingu,, boleh rekuest ga?
    aku mo rekues fotonya donghae n fotonya eunhyuk, trus ekspresinya agak2 senyum (?)
    bajunya yg biasa aja, ga lagi perform..
    trus ukurannya HQ *diatas 600 px*
    hehe.. banyak bgt ya?
    gomawo chingu..

  9. just me says:

    Hi! Photos of CNBlue,T-ara,Park Shin-hye,and Yoon Eun-hye would be nice. Thank you! =)

  10. kim jin un says:

    i love beast i like to be like charice she met super junior and girls generation at star king

  11. tom momo says:

    misi, aq my request dok,,,
    t max berlima tapi yang chibi, coz lagi butuh nie…
    Tq ya…

  12. Hannie SparKyuDeerYoon says:

    Masih bsa request nggak ??
    Aku mau request photo2 B1A4 sama B2ST ..
    Klo bisa ukurannya HQ ..
    Gomawo~ 🙂

  13. darren77831 says:

    i want more iu photo pls?

  14. Phil jimz says:

    Good Day 2 all. Kindly post more photos of city hunter, please.
    from philipppines…

  15. vip05 says:

    requesting BTS photos of The Moon that Embraces the Sun. :))) thank youu! your bgm is its ost :))) i’m confident u’re a fan of the drama too!

    • tikaluph says:

      i want to.. but imageshack is suck to the max. my account reached the max capacity and i should go to pro user to do some uploads again ;~;
      so i doubt i will post again in the future -___-“

  16. yuri says:

    Can I request for a dl link compilation of City Hunter and Infinite’s Paradise Photos? I’m having a hard time saving them one by one because my internet is not that fast. Mianhae 😦

  17. Truthofayay says:

    The king 2 hearts BTS pliz… 😉

  18. RadiantAubade says:

    Ailee – Heaven Jacket Photoshoot

    Thanks. (:

  19. RadiantAubade says:

    Moon Chae Won – Cosmopolitan (I think May or June 2012 Issue; not sure sorry)
    Moon Chae Won – Allure (Also think May or June 2012 issue; but again not sure)
    Moon Chae Won – High Cut (March or April 2012 issue I think; again not sure)

    Sorry for asking so much. Hope it’s not too hard to find. >.<

  20. RadiantAubade says:

    Shin Se Kyung – W (I think April 2012 Issue).

    Thanks. 😀

  21. ClauNamstar says:

    Anyeong, mau dong foto2nya oppa Infinite-deul [Scan/yang HD] pas album INFINITIZE ini,,,..
    terus foto2 Infinite yang pas di magazine2 korea & jepang

    Makasih 🙂

  22. cwistofu says:

    This one might be hard…I think it was July 2009 Cosmopolitan where Younha posed. I can’t find it anywhere…

    • Tika says:

      Yes you right. It’s hard and I cant find it everywhere. But, I asked my friend who is YounhaPia. If she had the pictures, she will give it to me.

  23. Juna says:

    IU 2012 Official calendar?(:

  24. Annyeong..^^
    boleh minta pic ya 2pm (especially junsu)?

  25. annyeong, boleh req pic nya L (infinite) ??? atau sama member lainnya jga boleh… hehe . gomawo

  26. chaoticassie says:

    hi there.. can i request kim soo hyun photos? i know u ask to be specific, but i really have no idea how to be more specific because i don’t even know if he’s in any magazine recently.. just that, if u happen to know or have in collection his hq pics, do u mind uploading it? tq

  27. uknow_jeje says:

    hi there can I still request tvxq and Uknow Yunho photo or picture please? airport pic would be fine or from any magazine and photobook! i don’t know how to very be more specific coz they often show on magazine. if you have it i hope you dont mind to uploading it.. thanx you very much

  28. Aida Amirah says:

    i want to request running man HD pic

  29. Nugie says:

    Bisa minta request Gambarnya aaron yan donk… kalau bisa yang terbaru.
    trims 🙂

  30. RadiantAubade says:

    Hihi, this one might be a little tough as I have absolutely nooo idea what magazine they’re originally from – no watermarks on the scanalations I have – but maybe if I show you the pictures (the scanned ones) you could figure out what magazine and stuff it’s from? I want the clearer images, y’know, not scanned. But anyways, Lee Hyo Ri. Help please D:

    • RadiantAubade says:

      Oh wait, I found it. It’s VOL.47 Feb 17, 2011 나, 이효리 for HIgh Cut magazine… but I think that the other pictures are W Magazine maybe around the same time?

  31. RadiantAubade says:

    After School Virgin Official Photoshoot, please?

    Thanks. c:

  32. Stella says:

    Can I request fro Teen Top – Summer Special album hd scans ? thank you so much ^^

  33. Alien:) says:

    Boa’s Only One album photo shoot please? thankyou!! 🙂

  34. angel20 says:

    BIGBANG/SNSD photos please. Thank You! 🙂

  35. Joraen S. Talamor says:

    can you please add pictures of Boyfriend…especially Jo Kwangmin, Jo Youngmin and No Min Woo? Thank you! *^_^*

  36. biyhaaaa says:


  37. Tofy says:

    Can you pleaaaaase put Yang Yoseop “The First Collage” Jacket photos ? and Beasts Midnight sun Jacket photos ? i’d really appreciate it and i love your blog so much ❤

  38. Avril Ang says:

    BEAST – Midnight Sun Limited Edition Photobook Scans

  39. Avril Ang says:

    Thank you so much ~ !

  40. mehhrong says:

    Boleh request hq scan f(x) for calendar 2012 and 2013?:)

  41. Hi!
    May I request for “ROH JI-HOON for CECI MAGAZINE” and “BLOCK B ‘Do U Wanna B’ ALBUM SCANS”?

    Thank you! ^^

  42. ∞Juna∞ says:

    Do you have the SNSD 2013 calendar scans? (:

  43. oh yes and one more if you don’t mind, Roh Ji-hoon’s “The Next Big Thing” album scans ^^ please and thank youuuu! I love your blog so much! ❤

  44. N. says:

    can u post INFINITE for Billboard Korea pictures? please~^^

  45. MinMin∞ says:

    You photoblog is fantastic..
    May I request “Dazed and Confused [March 2013] of INFINITE” Please.. :))

  46. Agrippa says:

    Sistar mag scans? any magazines will do. haha. and oh their 2013 calendar. Thank you 🙂

  47. MinMin∞ says:

    Your photoblog is fantastic..
    May I request “Dazed and Confused [March 2013] of INFINITE” Please..

  48. gyuunyuu says:

    this might be a bit different from all your other requests… my external hard drive recently crashed, so i lost a lot of infinite-related things, among them pictures of them dating back to their debut ;; would you be able to put into a .rar file and upload infinite pics, fantaken and official, from 2012 and before for download? i don’t mind if it’s only from 2011-2012 or even just 2012. 😦

    • gyuunyuu says:

      oh, sorry for adding ;; but also 2013 pics from before destiny promo…? 😦

      • tikaluph says:

        Official and scan pictures of INFINITE can be found here : For fantakens, sorry, I can’t fulfill it. But, you can try INFINITE7SOUL.COM for the fantakens (:

      • gyuunyuu says:

        oh yep i went to that website already! actually i came here because i saw your name on one of the posts, credited with uploading a collection of sunggyu fantakens from their 121013 we love gangwon concert ^^ the link is dead, though, which is why i came here 😦

    • gyuunyuu says:

      also, may i know the password for the 130511 sbs hope tv rars? 🙂
      sorry for so many questions haha, i’m trying really hard to rebuild my infinite collection ;;

  49. Atika says:

    hi. may i request for Block B “Homme Arena” 2013 scans?
    Thank you! < 3

  50. amy says:

    Hi, can you scan the Lee Jong Suk pics from Vogue Oct 2013? Thanks!!

  51. assia says:

    Can you post some IU’s hq photo please (apart from those already posted)? Thanks a lot :)!

  52. Delphine Ang says:

    Hi ! Can I request Midnight Sun Limited Edition picture? The full and complete one. The one that you posted aren’t full yet so, please? Anyway, thank you so much !

  53. aliceninelovegazette says:

    hello, i want to request B.A.P warrior and one shot jacket album scan if it’s possible..
    thank youu..

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