Merry Christmas Everybodyyyyy!

Posted: December 25, 2012 by tikaluph in Author's Notes

YOOHOO! The best time of the year has come. I’m always waiting for this day (well, except my birthday and my family members’ birthday too). Christmas always be special somehow. Not just in the Christmas Day but the December too! The mood, the aura, something’s different in December. Always-been-weirdly-but-actually-different compare to the other months.

Perfect season for me is Autumn but best time of year is Christmas.
Looking at the lights, omg, it’s perfectly awesome!

And, finally, I hit 700k hits in this blog. Small amount compare to other blog, but you know what, posting in this blog, alone, make me feel special somehow ;P hehehe. Thanks so much for the visit! I really appreciate every visit that you made <33333

Leaving comments are loved, just if you don't know. Tee hee. I LOVE YOU!




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