TRUTH ABOUT BLOCK B’s Current Issue. AKP Wont Published These (Cuz They Like The Drama)

Posted: February 21, 2012 by tikaluph in Block B (블락비), OTHER

Just see my title. Enough said.

1. Block B donated money to Thailand before the interview, long before the interview. Each member individually donated an amount that is equivalent to around $200.

2. Block B donated all of their earnings from their Thailand showcase to charity causes in relation to the flood.

3. During the Thailand showcase, Block B, with the help of Thai BBCs, donated and distributed books to Thai schools to help in the recovering of the country from damage caused by the flood.

4. 7000won is equivalent to around $6, I am told. Zico did not say he would only give that amount of money to Thailand, he did not say Thailand should be grateful for that money, he did not joke about the flood. The interview asked about their paychecks, and about them donating money. As they were discussing this Zico said he only had 7000won on him right then, and they joked about him being poor.

5. Every month, Block B donate around $200 to Africa (I am not
sure if each member does this individually or not, but I think so).

6.The interview linked above is not the full interview, and the most widely available version of the interview is very badly cut.

7. Taewoon of Co-Ed/SPEED, Zico’s older brother, has personally tweeted a link to an honest and accurate article that includes the proper translation/transcript and (I’m not 100% on this part) the full uncut interview.

8. Antis have created death petitions and sent many death threats, they have created petitions for the group to be disbanded, they are spreading false translations, and they are harassing Zico’s mother and brother online (twitter and cyworld).

9. Not only has Zico shaved his head, and each member individually apologised (with unique and lengthy writings, not just “I’m sorry”, and without trying to justify or look innocent), but they are withdrawing from many events in their schedules. Block B might even be taking a full and extended hiatus from the industry to self-reflect and learn from this. There are rumours (emphasis on ‘rumours’) that other members of Block B might yet shave their heads.

10. Shaving your head is a very important and symbolic thing in Asian cultures, especially in the countries with a strong Buddhist influence/population it means a lot. A basic overview is that hair is a important/prideful thing in Asian cultures; that shaving your head/cutting short your hair in the aftermath of a thing such as this incident shows that someone is lowering themselves/casting away their pride, that they have committed a wrong doing/are feeling great shame and that they acknowledge that and are repenting/cleansing themselves of the perceived sin. It is the want of a new beginning. This tells us that Zico is sincere, that he feels deeply about this.

Block B acted in a manner unbecoming and unintentionally offending an entire culture/country, and then their words have been misconstrued and twisted. This is the heart of the matter. Yes, they are in the wrong; and, yes, they should suffer the consequences; but they are being punished far too extremely and for the wrongs things (things they are not guilty of). Ultimately this matter lies with the Thai people and whether they can, with time, forgive Block B (who, in my opinion, have done pretty much every they can to make reparations). The actions and words, the cruelty of anti fans or the bullying from other idols, is not needed. This happening is already a frakking forest fire, there is no need to be throwing more gasoline on it.

CREDIT : whattalion

  1. Agree with everything, good to finally hear a reasonable voice. 🙂

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